Educational Facilities In Dayalbagh

The community runs a nursery & play center, primary schools, secondary school for boys & girls, day boarding school, and intermediate colleges that are also open to other children residing in the neighborhood. The community also has a secular University that is well known for its system of education in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in all major disciplines. The system of education aims to bring about physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical integration of an individual. Quality education is provided at nominal fees. Large open grounds are also available for the children and youth to play and regenerate their energy. The school has grown in course of time to become a Deemed University Dayalbagh educational institute with various facilities with facilities for research. The education system followed is unique and provides value based multi-disciplinary education with work experience. In addition, the colony has a diploma level technical college, a women’s polytechnic, a school of languages, a tailoring school; a school of dress designing and interior decoration, a training center for Indian music, a leather working school. Different programs: distance education, co-operative MBA and Engineering programs, joint courses and Ph.D. supervision with IITs under MOUs. DEI has adopted a blended mode of teaching for its Distance Education program. In this mode, regular classes are held and all elements of continuous evaluation are implemented. Printed study material on IGNOU pattern is provided. Practical work is performed in fully equipped workshop. At present 9 vocational and five degree, level programs are offered at 91-distance education study center all over India and about 2500 students are enrolled in these courses.


“The DEI Education Policy is an innovative, comprehensive and flexible higher and technical education policy with the mission objective of evolving a “complete man” (total quality person), which conforms to the concept of total quality management and is geared for transformation of India to a knowledge society.”

– Revered Professor P.S. Satsangi, Chairman, Advisory Committee on Education, Dayalbagh Educational Institutions, Dayalbagh

The Dayalbagh Educational Institute is situated on the outskirts of the historic city of Agra in the serene and tranquil environment of the colony of Dayalbagh, a self contained colony renowned for its secular establishments and spiritually surcharged atmosphere. The inhabitants of the colony lead an active and disciplined life of rigour, simplicity and devotion in conformity to the high ideals of their Faith. Nestled amidst lush green fields and surrounded as well as charged by the atmosphere of Dayalbagh, Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI) provides an ideal academic setting for learning in the framework of its unique educational policy. The DEI Education Policy was conceived, planned, formulated and executed by the Great Teacher, His Holiness Dr. M.B. Lal Sahab, and August Founder Director of the Institute. The policy endeavours to create an educational system that strives towards the fulfillment of the Holy Mandate given by His Holiness Sir Anand Sarup Kt., the fifth Revered Leader of the Radhasoami Faith and the August Founder of Dayalbagh, “Education, more education, education made perfect is the only panacea for all our countries.

  • Compulsory Core Courses
  • Work-based Training
  • Compulsory Co-curricular Activities
  • Continuous evaluation system
  • Semester System
  • Working Days 220 (UGC prescribed 180 days)
  • Morning Prayer and Compulsory Attendance
  • Prescribed Uniform
  • Affordable Education
  • High Placement Rate for Professional Courses
  • Strong Alumni Support
  • Periodic External Reviews by Advisory Committee on Education,
  • Dayalbagh and Academic and Administrative Audit Committee5

Taking a step forward towards its future vision of excellence in education, DEI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the below mentioned world class universities and institutions of international repute which envisages joint research, faculty exchange and distance education.

  • University of Maryland, USA on 18th January, 2006
  • Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi on 26th March, 2007
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur on 17th September 2007
  • International Centre of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Delhi on 13th October, 2007.
  • University of Waterloo, Canada on 17th July 2008
  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, Astrophysics on 26th October, 2009
  • IIM Bangalore, Supply Chain Management on 28th October, 2009
  • Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. and DEI Technical College on 20th April, 2010
  • India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. on 22nd Oct. 2011
  • University of Missouri, USA on 3rd November 2011

The community is organized through 11 Regional Associations in the country and three Associations abroad comprising over 500 Branches and Centers. There are several schools and dispensaries being run in different parts of the country and intensive tribal welfare and uplift work is being done in district Harda of Madhya Pradesh.

  • 1917: Founding of ‘REI’, Radhasoami Educational Institute, Comprising a Middle School (which became a Degree College in 1947)
  • 1927: Established Technical School (now a College)
  • 1930: Established Prem Vidyalaya – Girls School (now an Intermediate College)
  • 1947: Established Women’s Training College
  • 1950: Established Engineering College
  • 1973: Registered Dayalbagh Educational Institute
  • 1981: ‘Deemed University’ status conferred by Ministry of Education & Culture under the UGC Act 3 of 1956
  • 2004: Established Women’s Polytechnic and Start of Distance Education Programme
  • 2008: Established DEI-ICT Distance Education Centre at MTV Puram, Tamil Nadu & Soami Nagar, New Delhi
  • 2009: Established DEI-ICT Distance Education Centre at Rajaborari-Timarni, District Harda, MP
  • 2010: Established the Quantum-Nano Systems Centre: Research and Technology Park
  • 2011: Established DEI-ICT Distance Education Centre at Bangalore and the Centre for Consciousness