Community is continuously making efforts to create effective employment system. Community is involved in providing employment to its members in different sectors according to their qualification. Placement cell has been created in order to manage the requirements of human resource in various industries and informing the same to benefit unemployed people. The DEI placement cell, along with Alumni of institution, aims at making available quality placement opportunities for students and at maintaining linkages with Human Resource Departments in the industry and research organizations.

Products Raw Material Applications Benefits
Toilet soap (Aloevera, Neem, sandal, lime soap), Washing soap, Hair oil (coconut, chameli, tonic oil), cosmetics (baby oil, pomade), shaving soap Castaic soda, cinnamon, thuja, calendula, clove, turmeric, olive gerany, nutmeg, tulsi, sandalwood, Soya refined oil, ground nut oil, neem oil, til oil, perfume, haldioil(turmeric oil) Aloevera. Soaps are used in skin disease and oils are used in skin disease & body pain. Chameli oil used in dandruff purpose. Neem oil used in sugar disease. Cupid baby oil for the entire family: It is rich in vitamins A and E, and protects from UV rays.

It promotes collagen production, tightens skin and is an excellent antioxidant, reducing wrinkles and enhancing the luster of dull looking skin.

It is very soothing to irritated, chapped and sun-damaged skin, and its usage yields excellent results to give a skin free of pigmentations, dryness spots and allergies. It helps to treat cradle cap and diaper rash.

A massage with this oil helps in the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin due to increased blood circulation and perspiration thus detoxifying toxins.

It relieves itching and inflammation of the skin, and is most effective in relieving dehydrated skin-making it great for anti-ageing skincare. Massage with this oil stimulates the whole body leading to more activeness and alertness and a faster metabolism which gives better growth and immunity against diseases.

Product Raw material (herbs) Application Dose
Sarvrognashak pills Podinkajohar, ajwayankajohar, kapoor. It is extremely effective in indigestion diarrhea, vomiting and all kind of colic pain. It can also be used as a preventive medicine during cholera epidemic. It is effective in painful gums tonsils &in all diseases of mouth &throat. For infants- 1pill, children 1-2pills, adults 2-4pills.
Hingvati Sonth, kalimirch, pipaalbari, salt, shudhheeng, ajwain, gadhakshudh, sat niboo, sonageroo, kalanamak. Very useful for diarrhea, vomiting, gastric trouble. 1-2pills thrice a day with warm water.
Chandra prbhavati Shilajit, lohbhasma, swarnamakshikbhasma, guggal, triphala, banslochan. Useful in urinal diseases. 1-2pills twice daily with milk
Dardharmarham Sat ajwayan, sat podina, kapoor, long katel, darchinikatel, elaichikatel mom, Vaseline. Provides quick relief from headache, cold, sprain, muscular pain.
Lavanbhaskarchurna Very useful in flatulence, nausea, loss of appetite & bowel complaint. 1-6 grams to be taken before meals as appetizer or with food as digester.
Mukhshodhak (special, white) Akarkara, shemthi, kali marich, majnphal, kapoor, tomar, chalk, lavan, lodh, piplamool, main, phitkari, sonth, nepalidhania, salt, geroo. Daily use of this delightful medicinal powder stop pain, bleeding and discharges of gums, makes the gums hard and strong. Useful in all dental troubles.
Chyavanprashrasayan (with ashtvang) Health tonic for family. A universally recognized rejuvenator and ideal food tonic rich in vitamins. Highly useful for all pulmonary troubles, consumption and bronchitis of and type even accompanied by fever and hoarseness of voice. It improves all condition of debility. 5-10 gram with milk morning & evening.
Machine Name (total no. of machine) Material (for machine)
1.      Powerloom-18 (ordinary powerloom-16, under pick powerloom-2)

2.      Rapier loom-2 (automatic machine)

3.      Drum Type warp winding machine-1

4.      42 spindles bobbin winding machine

5.      Cone to spindles winding machine

6.      Air temperature machine


Bobbin (for rapier loom)

Cone (for power loom)

Row Material (spare parts of machine)


Cotton (2/40, 2/30, 2/20, 1/20 etc)

  • Products- leather shoe, sleepers and bags
  • Staff/Time- 13 workers are working 8 hours per day
  • Manual cuttings of leather and other row materials and five machines are using for stitching
  • Row material purchase from Hing ki mandi, Agra
  • The products are only sale in Dayalbagh and other units of Sabha outside the Dayalbagh
  • The motive is that the products provide to all staff and resident of Dayalbagh at low cost and without profit
  • Products are not manufacturing for the purpose of sale and profit motive
  • Row materials- leather, elastic, thread etc.
  • Cream Separation Milk Machine use for butter and ghee production in Dayalbagh
  • Through this machine they separate the cream from milk and through cream they make the butter and ghee
  • Without cream milk known as separeta milk also use as a milk and this milk is good for health and this is the without fat milk
  • Separeta milk mix in whole milk in 3:1 ratio and prepare the toned milk, in toned milk 3% fat available
  • In Dayalbagh three types of milk are using, whole milk (4.5% fat), Toned milk (3% fat) and Separeta milk (without fat)
  • In 10kg milk only produce 750-800gm cream
  • Row milk use for cream separation not bowel milk

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