Green Technology

Dayalbagh community is more Eco-friendly and involved in adapting newer technologies to use alternate sources of energy. Various projects of community are –

  • Biogas (gobar gas) plant for power generation at Gaushala (dairy), Dayalbagh,
  • Biomass gassifier and solar water heater for Dayalbhandar (community kitchen), Dayalbagh,
  • Solar Street light in 10 km stretch (360 solar light poles) for villages and Soamibagh.
  • Night soil based biogas plant (NSBP) with community latrines and bathroom facility in the villages. Total 100cu.m. biogas plants,
  • Eco-friendly campus, uninterrupted power supply due to solar power generation plant and greenery all around the campus,
  • Sewage treatment plant,
  • Bio diesel plant project

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