To fulfill healthcare needs of community, there is a hospital with a maternity ward. Facilities exist for ophthalmic and dental treatment, ultrasound, ECG, and pathological testing. All consultation and treatment are free for everyone. There are also homeopathic and ayurvedic dispensaries. Dayalbagh has created a health care system with the combination of allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic system of medicine. Community is involved in different activities to serve nearby location and village by conducting various medical camps, village visits to spread awareness and providing affordable medical care. Community hospital saran ashram also provides healthcare facilities to student studying in educational institute of community and residing in hostels. Gymnasium, yoga and PT facility is provided to make them physically fit. Community also runs regular acupressure treatment which is very useful for old age people and also for others suffering from pains and other problems.

Substantial reinforcement was provided to the existing medical facilities at Dayalbagh, which can be summarized as follows:

To improve the availability of doctors to the residents of Dayalbagh in emergencies and otherwise, at least one doctor each has been allotted a residence in the Mohallas of Prem Nagar, Vidyut Nagar, Soami Nagar, Swet Nagar and Saran Ashram Hospital, SA Nagar.

On July 24, 2006 a Drug Depot was opened in the North Western corner of the Yatri Sadan Building, to provide medicines at a much lower than market rate.

  • July, 2004 onwards, the facilities for Ultrasound imaging, Root Canal Treatment (Dental), Physiotherapy, Scientific Disposal of Bio-Medical Wastes, a resident surgeon in the SA Hospital Campus (for surgical emergencies), etc. have been developed.
  • Free multi-specialty Medical Camps for the villagers under the aegis of NSS and DEI are being organized regularly from June, 2010. 42 Camps have been organized till 5.2.2012 and 8176 patients have been attended. Simultaneously a ‘Hole in the Wall’ experiment is also organized at the camp site where the children of the villages are allowed to feel, experiment and use a Computer and gain basic knowledge about some of the applications, games, etc.
  • Acupressure clinic started functioning in the colony since 2008.
  • A 3-bed transit facility as been commissioned at Saran Ashram Hospital Dayalbagh, to stabilize/provide First Aid and emergency treatment to patients for maximum of one day.
  • Dayalbagh Medical Welfare Society was launched in 2009, to help toward meeting the high cost of medical treatment of those residents of Dayalbagh whose monthly income is up to Rs. 25,000/-.
  • Several Para Medical Courses have been started.
  • DEMEX (Dayalbagh Experimental Medical Expert) launched in May, 2007.
  • Distribution of ‘Kalmegh Karha’ to Dayalbagh residents was started in the year 2007- as a substitute to Chloroquine Tablets.
  • Tele-Medicines consultations with remote areas are being increasingly facilitated.