Social & Welfare Activities

Dayalbagh through its activities is always involved in social development. Social development is about putting people at the center of development. This means a commitment that development processes need to benefit people, particularly not only the poor, but also recognizing and uplifting those people.

The guidelines regarding the formation and working of Mahila Associations have been amended in September 2007, with the emphasis to enlarge the scope of activities and to raise the turnover limit. To improve the economic conditions and better home management, training is being imparted to Non-Satsangis, primarily Jigyasus in crafts like knitting, tailoring and stitching. Training is being imparted in preparation of Achars, Jams and Squashes etc. The threshold limit for annual turnover has been raised from Rs. 50,000/- earlier to Rs. 1 lac.203 Mahila Associations are now functioning in India and 9 are operational abroad.

The guidelines were revised in September 2011, to enlarge the scope of activities like taking part in e-satsang transmission, help in running summer training camps and assist in Distance Education Programme etc. It admits children of Satsangis from 18-28 years and initiated children up to 40 years. A novel feature is the introduction of two new categories of Satsangi children namely “Non-member Junior Student Wing for pre-primary to 15 years” and “Associate Member of age group 16 to 18 years” and their activities have been clearly defined.

There are 155 Youth Associations which are working in India & abroad currently.

The CRCs have been established and run in Branch Satsangs to provide an opportunity to Satsangi children to meet other Satsangi children, make friends with them & to have company of persons with similar values, while providing entertainment and developing some desirable skills. This is mainly to cater to children in the smaller age group i.e. from school going up to 12 years. There are at present 38 CRCs working in India & abroad.

During the summer vacation, children of Satsangi parents in the age group 11 years to 16 years have a unique privilege to join summer camps where they stay and interact with children from various parts of the region. They get to know about the Satsang Culture and Satsang Values and above all develop habits of community living. Hitherto, these camps were known as Summer Schools.

Now, new guidelines have been laid down whereby children whose grand-parents are initiated Satsangis can also be enrolled provided, they stay with them, are brought up in Satsang environment and participate in Branch Satsang activities.

The number of camps held in 2011 was 26 with enthusiastic participation of children.

The marriages under the aegis of Dayalbagh Marriage Panchayat made an eventful change with the comprehensive counselling scheme (of three pre and the requisite number of post-wedding counselling to the couple and their parents) which was introduced in 2009. The Sagai-Samaroh is held in the presence of Spiritual leader in the fields which includes mutual garlanding by the bride and the groom. A joint Marriage Satsang is now held in the Central Satsang Hall (since January 2010) of the marriage groups on Friday- before the scheduled marriage on Sunday

Mini-off-set printing press and computer composing (DTP) has been installed in 2005, replacing the manual composing system.Bigger-off-set printing press is now being added along with paper cutting machine and a plate-making machine.

  1. Free medical camp also organized by the NSS, DEI and Dayalbagh for villagers of Agra.
  2. Motive is that to provide free services to poor villagers for healthy and good health.
  3. Camp started from June 2010 and upto 15th june 2014 they organized total 99 camps.
  4. 50-60 doctors and staffs organize the camp for 3hours from 7am-10am at alternative Sunday.
  5. Around 300-400 patient comes for treatment in one camp.
  6. In Camp, hole in the wall is also available for the children of the nearby villages.
  7. Following treatment/specialist are available in free medical camp:
  • Eye specialist, ladies & child specialist, dentist, homeopathic, ayurvedic, heart specialist, physician, physiotherapist, surgeon etc.
  • ECG test, ultrasound, eyes checkup and blood test also available.
  • Free medicine also available.
  • In the year  2003, a permanent exhibition on the history of manufactured goods in Dayalbagh was opened. The exhibits show pioneering industrial endeavor initiated by Param Guru Hazur Sahabji Maharaj and pursued further by Param Guru Hazur Mehtaji Maharaj.
  • A permanent exhibition on the progress of Dayalbagh was set up in the MI campus in 2005. It showcases activities and development in the areas of social reform, education, physical training, health care, services (under the aegis of SNC), agriculture, gaushala, mahila association etc.