Spiritual Development

The reason behind the failure of different communities historically was the absence of spiritual development of members of community. Spiritual development of members is very necessary so as to inculcate selfless service to mankind, obedience, tolerance and cooperation for ascension of intuitive consciousness. Members of Dayalbagh are followers of Radhasoami faith.

Radhasoami Faith is a spiritual movement that originated in 19th century India, and is considered by adherents as a true way to attain God realization. The Radhasoami faith is also referred to as Sant Mat, the “Path of the sant.” The “Radhasoami” itself is actually a combination of two words: “Radha” (referring to the soul or spiritual essence, either of an individual or of the whole) and “Soami” (referring to the spiritual master; cognate to the Sanskrit term swami or svami); the combined word thus refer to the “lord of the Soul” or God. It also can be interpreted to mean the “Master Soul” or “Spirit Master” who guides the disciple to higher states of consciousness.

The day in Dayalbagh begins with congregational prayers, followed by physical fitness exercise and work on the farms and colony by way of service, where after people go to their respective vocation. The day ends with prayers in the evening. Community member are involved in spiritual meditation for spiritual development. Radhasoami teaching center upon a type of meditation practice known as suratshabd yoga.Shabd is referring to a spiritual current which can be perceived in meditation as inner light and sound. Yoga is referring to the uniting of our real essence (soul) though an inner listening with focused mental concentration (surat) upon an inner sound (shabd) which it is maintained emanates from Radhasoami the Supreme being. It is therefore taught as the unchanging and primordial technique for uniting the soul with the Supreme being via the power of Shabd.

Following the practice of meditation under the guidance of a spiritual teacher who is Himself in contact with Shabd, is considered of paramount importance. Pre-requisites for successful achievement of the meditation practice are a lacto-vegetarian diet, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, and maintaining a pure and lifestyle.
Spiritual development component is unique characteristic of Dayalbagh community. This component makes this community different from other communities. As overall development is only possible if human, humankind is living with peace and affection with each other. Spiritual development helps the members of community to develop respect for each other, mutual understanding. This mutual understanding helps in achieving better livelihood in true sense.

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Spiritual Development