Rajaborari Estate is the revenue village of Harda district in Madhya Pradesh state. It is fully tribal area and tribal are divided in two casts that is Korku and Gond. Dayalbagh, Agra, which is the headquarters of the Radhasoami faith religion, is doing intensive tribal welfare and uplift work in district Harda. They run a Radhasoami High School at Timarni and Schools in Rajaborari Estate, Madhya Pradesh. The D.E.I. (Dayalbagh Educational Institute) runs the graduation in commerce, one year course of auto mobile, computer course and E-commerce classes in Rajaborari and Timarni.


The district has a population of 5, 70,302 with a male population of 2, 95,208 and female population of 2, 75,094 (as of Census 2011). Average literacy rate of Harda in 2011 is 74.04 and the Sex Ratio in Harda stands at 932 per 1000 male.

Total population of Rajaborari is around 3000 in all ten villages. Per village population is 300-400 and 5 or more than five members in a family. There are two local language and cast are korku (korkas) and Gond. Population density is around 50. 40-50 houses in every village in Rajaborari. Number of literate people in village is very less because education facility is not good or very low but from last five year it has improved.  Villagers are very poor and their family income is around rupees 25-30 thousand per year.

Local words: Jatra (Fair), tupper (temporary house), ghaslet (kerosene oil), bagur (make boundary through wood around the agriculture land and house), manddha (temporary open room in the field for security of growing crops from animals), Bankhar/Pankha (this the name of cleaning machine of wheat).

Rajaborari Map


The district is situated 302m higher from the sea level. Its Geographic Position is between 210 53’ & 220 36’ Longitude and between 760 47’& 770 20’ Latitude. It is located in the south‐western part of Madhya Pradesh. It is predominantly a tribal area where the Korku and the Gond tribal groups form two thirds of the total population. The Harda language and culture is influenced by ‘Malwa’ and ‘Nimad’. The main language used in Harda is known as Bhuani, and the region is known as the Bhuana area. Villages in Rajaborari estate:

Forest Cover

Tropical dry deciduous forest with teak (Tectona grandis) as a dominant tree species occupies 50% of the area of the Harda Forest Division (HFD). The total managed forest area of the division is 142,536 hectares of which 67% (98318 hectares) is managed as Reserved Forest and the remaining 44,218 hectares, as Protected Forest category.

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