The Bihar government has launched many healthcare programs for villagers for awareness and to reduce the spread of many diseases. The National AIDS Control Program was started with a view to create awareness among population regarding the disease and to reduce the prevalence rate & the incidence rate of the disease.

National Rural Health Mission

The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) has been launched with a view to bringing about dramatic improvement in the health system and the health status of the people, especially those who live in the rural areas of the country.

The Objectives of the Mission

  • Reduction in child and maternal mortality
  • Universal access to public services for food and nutrition, sanitation and hygiene and universal access to public health care services with emphasis on services addressing women’s and children’s health and universal immunization
  • Prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases,
  • Including locally endemic diseases,
  • Access to integrated comprehensive primary health care,
  • Population stabilization, gender and demographic balance,
  • Revitalize local health traditions & mainstream AYUSH,
  • Promotion of healthy life styles

Role of the District Health Mission

  • Responsible for planning implementing, monitoring and evaluating progress of mission
  • Preparation of annual and perspective plan for the district.
  • Suggesting district specific interventions
  • Carrying out survey of non-governmental providers to see what contribution they can make.
  • Partnership with NGOs, Panchayats for effective action
  • Strengthening training institutions for ANMs/ Nurses etc
  • Provide leadership to Village Gram Panchayat, Cluster and block level teams.
  • Establish Resource Group for professional also can facilitate implementation of CORE strategies of the mission.
  • Experiment with risk pooling for hospitalization.
  • Ensure referral chain and timely disbursement of all claims.
  • Arrange for technical support to the blocks teams and for itself.
  • Arrange for epidemiological studies and operational research to guide district level planning.
  • Nurture community processes.
  • Transparent system of procurement and accountability
  • Activate women’s groups; adolescent girl is for to ensure gender sensitive Approach.
  • Provide data analysis and compilation facility in order to meet regular MIS needs.
  • Carry out Health Facility and supervision of household surveys.
  • District Health Mission to ensure that district annual action plans as per RNTCP requirement would continue to be submitted by the district to the state TB cell.

Performance of VCTC Buxar

At present the district has one VCTC center at Buxar Sub Divisional Hospital. The workload on the only counselor at the center is huge & the district being very large with blocks at a distance of around 40-45kms also shows the demand for more & more VCTC centers. The increasing number of reactive patients also creates demand for special care for positive patients; as such there are no centers at the district providing specialist care to the positive patients.

Traditional Health Care Services

Parallel systems of health care existed in India for ages. Traditional health care practices are of two types. The first can be loosely categorized as faith and folk practioners, which comprises shamans, mystics, tantriks, faith healers, priests, ojhas, yogis, gurus, babas and others. Though these healing practices are consistent with the cultural beliefs and have popular mass support, these are seen with skepticism by most of the government agencies. The second category, which is often labeled as traditional medicine and recognized by the government as alternative systems are the practitioners of ayurveda, Yunani system and homeopathy. Of course there are many others, such as herbal practitioners, naturopaths, acupuncturists, etc, who are frequented by patients and their families. Such a diversity of systems and their local variants constituted a rich tapestry of health care practices in India. They provided the whole range of services to cater to physical, mental, social and spiritual health of local communities.

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National Rural Health MissionTraditional Healthcare Services