Social Development

The government of Bihar organized many programs to save the state from any disaster. They organized programs in agriculture sector to motivate farmers and provide the credit facilities to them. There are some social activities:

Ganga Flood Control Commission/ Ganga Flood Control Board

The Ganga Flood Control Commission (GFCC) was set up by GOI in 1972 for the preparation of comprehensive plan of flood control for Ganga basin and to draw out a phased coordinated programmed for the implementation of works. It has also been assigned the work of monitoring and appraisal of FM schemes of Ganga basin states. The Task Force on Flood Management/Erosion control – 2004 has recommended it’s strengthening to enable it to play a more effective role in FM in the Ganga basin.

Flood Forecasting Services

Expansion and modernization is a continuous process. The CWC has undertaken various expansion and modernization schemes to cover more areas and to make forecasting more efficient and reliable. The IMD has also taken up the expansion of its network of Automatic Rain Gauges. The Ministry of Earth Sciences (MOES) is making efforts for the procurement of 12 Doppler Weather Radars (DWRs) for continuous monitoring of evolving extreme weather phenomena including heavy rainfall events along the coastal areas apart from tracking cyclones. Gradually, the DWR network would cover the whole country and in the process all the major river basins as well. In Bihar distribute 33 flood forecasting station. The rivers Ghaghra, Sarda, Rapti, Gandak, Burhi-Gandak, Bagmati, Kamla, Kosi and Mahananda, which create flood situations in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in India, originate in Nepal.

Government social programs in Bihar

There are some government programs  for social development in the state:

Exit Policy:

The boisterous plates, which are not allocated to the proper use of the land and want to return to the land, exit policy has been implemented for them.

  • Bihar Industrial area Development Authority

Renovated Program of Old Orchards

  • Park Directorate (state horticulture mission), Agriculture Department, Bihar government

National vegetable Incentive Plan

  • Park Directorate (state horticulture mission), Agriculture Department, Bihar government

FLC (financial literacy center) Features:

  • Financial literacy with simple massage
  • Importance of savings
  • Profit of banks
  • Safety from creditors
  • Started by Bank of India in Bihar

Diarrhea management campaign for children (18 October to 2 march 2013)

  • State health committee, Bihar

Pulse Polio campaign (for children whose age are 0-5 year)

  • Health department, state government of Bihar

Credit Facilities for Agriculture

The Central Co-operative Banks located in the important towns of the district work as the pivot of Co-operative banking and credit. All the Co-operative Societies are supposed to be affiliated to these banks for credit facility/these banks finance Co-operative institutions which in turn pass on the same to their members. Financing by these banks is restricted to short term and medium term loans for agricultural purposes only. Short term loans are advanced to agriculturist members to meet their needs of seeds, manures etc. Medium term loans are advanced for purchase of live stock, agricultural implements etc.

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