Harda district is rich in agriculture sector and pulses oil seeds and soybean are the main agricultural crops in district. It is the main occupation in the villages of harda district. Some villagers are working as a cultivators and agriculture labor. Soils of Rajaborari village are good for wheat, sugarcane and paddy crops and mostly use the organic seeds. Heavy rain is the main problem for agriculture.

Crops Production

  • Madhya Pradesh is the largest producers of pulses, oil seeds and soybean in the country.
  • Wheat, paddy, soybean and mong daal are the main crops in Rajaborari.

Agriculture as main occupation

  • Agriculture is the main occupation in Harda district because 80% population is depends on agriculture.
  • Mainly working population are cultivator (kashtkar) and agriculture labour.

Sources of Irrigation in Harda

Seeds Management

  • Organic and Inorganic both types of seeds are used
  • Organic seeds are prepared at home and the production of this crop is based on the nature or rain
  • Inorganic or Chemical mixed seeds are purchased from market for high production

Soils Types

  • Fertile soils are available in Rajaborari village
  • The soils are good for paddy, soybean, wheat and pulse production
  • Due to forest area and heavy rain fall it is also good for Sagauon tree and Tendupatta.

bundling of wheat crop by farmers

Other agriculture activity

  • Manual cutting and bundling of wheat
  • Villagers take thresher machine on rent due to lack of capital
  • Water and electricity problems are also the main issues in agriculture activity
  • Heavy rain and pest attack are main natural problems

View of threshing through bulls

Traditional Cultivation in the Field

Traditional security room (hut) for crops

Traditional bamboo boundary 

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