Social Development

Harda district is socially developed and maintain the disaster plan for preparing from any disaster and minimizing the loss of impact. Planning of mitigation has also been prepared by the district to save from any disaster. But the tribal area of harda district is not developed. Villagers are suffering from many facilities which are not provided by the government. Due to lack of knowledge they are very far from the development.


The culture of Rajaborari village is very traditional. It is an undeveloped area of Harda district. There are some information about the culture:

  • Famous fair (local) in Rajaborari: Shree kajleshwar (kajal ka mela) fair is famous in Rajaborari and it is the main entertaining activity in this area.
  • This fair is organized on the occasion of Shiv Ratri in the month of March. Villagers purchase all permanent assets and local items from this fair for personal uses.
  • Sports activity is also organized in the fair and teams are coming from every village of Rajaborari Estate.
  • Villagers adopted very traditional method for taking food. This culture is very different from the urban areas of Madhya Pradesh.

View of shop in local fair

View of traditional culture of taking food

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