Predictions of rain and drought

  • When ants move with taking eggs in their mouth to the safe places, this indicates heavy rains.
  • High temperature indicates future rains in a day.
  • Peacock voice indicates the rain.
  • Chirp of Papiha/Papihara (species of cuckoo): at the time of flying indicates the minimum rain, chirp on green tree indicates the heavy rain and on dry tree indicates the drought or rain stop for long period
  • Flowering of bamboo trees indicates an upcoming drought.

Technologies in Rajaborari

On the place of petrol or diesel some villagers used kerosene oil in old model motor cycle and bike used for selling of goods to door to door.

View of Motor-cycle ride by kerosene oil

Use of solar system for electricity in satsang colony and DEI University in Rajaborari: Due to less electricity the satsang colony of Rajaborari used the solar penal or solar system for electricity generation. Colony also gives the solar street light facility in Rajaborari because no other street light is provided by the government.

View of Rajaborari colony and use of solar

Use of hand machine (hanthkargha/ khaddig machine) for preparing the cloths (school uniform)

View of hand machine in Handloom

In Rajaborari, people also use hand machine (bankher/pankha) for cleaning of wheat: Through this machine, approximate 50kg wheat is cleaned in 10 minutes.

View of cleaning of wheat through hand Machine

Use fire wood for making food: in all villages in Rajaborari, villagers use the fire wood for making food because wood is easily available in the forest area.

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Technology and Innovation