Employment/ Industries

Main occupation of Rajasthan is farming. Wheat, bajra, oil-seeds, jowar, pulses, and tobacco are widely grown in Rajasthan. The people of Rajasthan are engaged in activities like handicrafts in brass, silver, lacquer, pottery, wood, and leather.

Employment/ Industries

Rajasthan is among the richest states of India. Each period of its history has contributed to this field. The kings and nobles were patrons of art and crafts and encouraged the craft persons. There was an obsessive desire to decorate their surroundings. Right from the walls of the forts and palaces, to the walls of the rural villagers, the desire to add colour prevailed. Warriors, not only gave elaborate attention to their clothing and armours, but also ensured that the horses and elephants that carried them into the battleground where equally decorated. Ornaments like jeweled saddles and intricate silver howdas were proudly displayed.


Rajasthan is quite famous for the Rajasthani paintings not only in India, rather, throughout the world. Some of the most amazing and exquisite paintings can be found in Rajasthan. The main types of paintings are as follows:

                                                             Rajasthani Paintings
Name of Paintings Features
Kajali Paintings In these paintings black kajal and stone colors are used and requires hard work & expert hands
Kishangarh Paintings These types of paintings are based on the stories of Radha and Krishan
Bani Thani Paintings Raja Sawant Singh or Nagari Das was the originator of these paintings
Phad Paintings In these types of the paintings show the lives of the folk hero-deities Devnarayan of Rajasthan
Gemstone Paintings Precious and semi precious Stones and brighter colors with gemstones are using for these Paintings
Miniature Paintings Mugal arts and different Styels developed are showing in these paintings.

Major Exportable Item

Major exportable products in Udaipur district:

  • Marble & Handicraft
  • Synthetic Yarn, Marble Slab & Tiles
  • CDR/Pen drive
  • Chemical products


Heart-warming textiles, dyed in the bandhani or tie & dye style reign supreme in Rajasthan. The art of bandhani is a highly skilled process. Different methods are used to tie the fabric into small points producing different patterns like Lahariya, Mothda,Ekdali and Shskari. The best bandhani work comes from Sikar and Jodhpur, while Jaipur. Pali. Udaipur and Nathdwara are the other centres.

The women of Rajasthan have been embroidering fabrics. Embroidery practised in Bikaner is done by counting threads. The women of Sikar and Jhunihunu specialize in making patterns of animals. Chain stitch is popular in Alwar. Dancing figures, flowers and peacocks are the favourite motifs. Women of Barmer use mirrors, thus enhancino the beauty of the embroidered piece.

In appliqué, different pieces of cloth are patched together to make a multicolored mosaic. The exotic colours, shapes and pattern combinations against contrasting backgrounds catch the eye.

Rajasthani Painting

View of Hand Made Item (Handicraft)

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