Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, homeopathy and yoga are the traditional system of medicines for local healthcare. Different medicinal plants and herbs are used in these medicines and villagers also directly used the medicinal plant and herbs in treatment of common diseases.

Most common diseases in Udaipur are as follows

Skin diseases Piles Ear problems Jaundice
Asthma/bronchitis Anemia Fracture Stomach disease
White discharge Stone Arthritis Delivery complications
Pneumonia Eye diseases

Local Healthcare of Rural by local treatment

There are some local healthcare of villagers by local treatment and medicinal plants:

Cold and cough

  • Ukaali (Kadha): it is mixture of various ingredients like Dhaniya, clove, tulsi, black pepper, misri, jaiphal and
  • Decoction of clove
  • Decoction of ajwain, chandali and gur
  • It is their belief that all these things are hot in nature, hence can give relief at the time of disease
  • Powdered mixture of sonth, black pepper peepal and jiggery is used for curing cold and cough.


  • On occurrence of diarrhea, rice with the curd was given.
  • Drink plenty of water for proper digestion and maintain water balance in the body.
  • Isab with curd, it is the mixture of harad and jaiphal.
  • At the time of disease take lemon water and pomegranate peel.
  • Use afeem with water and curd with turmeric also taken by rural.


  • Burnt cow dung to avoid mosquitoes.
  • Apply mustard oil on body to prevent mosquito biting.
  • Chew young leaves of neem and decoction of tulsi leaves and cloves. Also take decoction of modeshi root and bui and sonth black pepper and jaiphal.
  • Kept house and environment clean and proper drainage.


  • Take ground houseflies with water with the belief that pneumonia fever curse immediately with this practice.
  • Use of decoction of neem leaves with black pepper, jaiphal, sugar, dhamasa and misri and chandali
  • Massage with mustard oil in which garlic is mixed and use of nagar bel leaves were reported as scientific by majority of experts.

Gunis & herbal Plants

The relationship of Gunis with herbal plants in forest goes back to times immemorial. These vaidyas went to forest collected herbs and prepared medicines for the people. There is knowledge of Gunis about the herbs:

  • Gunis have knowledge of all the parts and uses of medicinal plants.
  • Gunis know where the medicinal plants grow, in which season they grow and what environment the plants require. Together with this, they also have knowledge how to grow and harvest medicinal plants.
  • Gunis have knowledge of which part of plants to use and for which disease.
  • Gunis can identify symptoms of disease and also in which season it occurs.
  • They have the quality of preparing medicines, packing and preserving.
  • They have knowledge about the quantity of medicine to be taken of various diseases.

Health Condition Treated By THPs

THPs(Traditional Health Practioners) treat for the stomach ache & cold, 5 -7 percent THPs were treating for White discharge, Menstrual Disorders, Diarrhoea, Food poisoning, Dental Problem, Fracture and Bone Setting, Fevers, Jaundish, child delivery. 2-3 percent of the THPs were treating for cough, skin conditions, poisonous bites, Kidney Stone, Headache, Ear &eye problems only one percent THPs treating for anaemia, Worm infestation and Cuts and wounds. No THPs Paralysis, diabetes, Food Poisoning, paralysis. Many other 14 percent of the THPs treating for others diseases such as piles, stone pneumonia, malariya and cancer.

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