Medicinal Plant

Medicinal plants stand important role in the traditional knowledge practices. Medicinal plants and herbs are used in Ayurvedic medicines. So many plants are available in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Villagers use the medicinal plants for common diseases like cold, cough, cuts on body, skin diseases etc. There are some local name and their uses of medicinal plants:


  • Oil of fruits is used in skin diseases and in lice.
  • Bark is useful in malarial fever.
  • Tender twigs are used as toothbrush.
  • Powder of bark used externally against venereal diseases.
  • The fruits are recommended for urinary, piles and intestinal warms, crushed leaves applied on eczema of feet and head for inflammation.


  • Fruit flesh in diarrhea, root powder as sedative, leaf decoction in asthma, fresh leaf juice with black piper (Piper nigrum) in jaundice.

Gawarpata (Aloe barbadensis Mill.):

Fresh pulp is used for indigestion, burns, Rheumatism, liver diseases and wounds.

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Medical plants